The Distribution Transformer Monitoring Solution is a true end-to-end service offering that is simple to deploy and operate for distribution network operators looking to manage their low voltage transformers and downstream networks.

Key Benefits

  • Reporting on power quality values recorded at the transformer.
  • Reporting of transformer loading including individual phases.
  • Reporting against recorded temperatures at the transformer.
  • Ability to remotely interrogate meters during a power outage.
  • Real-time alarms for power outage, power quality exceedances and other critical alerts including alerts from third party equipment.


Key Functions

  • Sendsan instantaneous alarm via email when a monitored parameter exceeds its limits at the transformer. E.g. If there is a power outage at a transformer for more than 1 minute, send an email to alert maintenance crews to indicate that a site visit is required.
  • Daily reporting via email of the monitored values at the transformer. E.g. Monitor the average voltage and demand (VA) for each phase on the transformer to assist in detecting short term fluctuations in usage and the effects on Voltage.
  • Allows users to login to the Energy Cloud Service (Clariti) to view more detailed reporting on the monitored values at the transformer. E.g. Look at the long term trending of harmonics to ensure compliance with license requirements.