The Micro Building Management System Solution is focused on providing an end to end BMS solution for small / medium business customers. It can be used in conjunction with existing Edmi Atlas Meters (Series 2 or above) or as a stand-alone deployment.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce energy costs by automating control of load such as air conditioners and lighting.
  • Integrates with Edmi Meter technology to reduce deployment and communications costs.
  • Coupling with utility grade revenue metering allows more intelligent decision making and ensures accurate monitoring and measurement of targeted costs.

Key Functions

  • Trulyend-to-end solution for Building Management. Data and operational results can be monitored remotely through EDMI’s Cloud Service without any upfront IT or integration cost.
  • Fast and easy to use meter and controller installation (commissioning) system. Reduces installation time and guarantees quality data delivery and control over the life of the installation.
  • Remotely view, edit and manage the automated rules deployed to control end user load. Rules for control can be based around time schedules, input sensor values or combinations using Boolean expressions.
  • Robust end to end communications ensuring reliable and fast data retrieval, update of building management configuration or manual override control of connected outputs.