Our Broadband PLC AMI solution employs the latest HomePlug Green PHY technology from Qualcomm, a market leader in broadband PLC technology. The complete end-to-end solution comprises our extensive range of smart meters from the Atlas and Genius series as well as our scalable head-end software, MultiDrive.

Key Benefits

  • No recurring operational costs which makes the system cheaper to maintain in the long run
  • Utilities own the communications infrastructure which gives them better control and higher assurance of data privacy
  • Self-healing mesh networking makes the communications resilient to noise and interference
  • High data throughput to support future bandwidth-intensive Smart Grid applications


Key Functions

  • Fully integrated solution with MultiDrive brings out the very best features in our smart meters
  • Web-based configuration and commissioning system simplifies the installation process
  • Highly suitable for densely populated residential rollouts