The Small Scale Smart Energy Solutions is an integrated metering, communications and IT platform. The solution is designed to deliver market accredited data to industry participants without the need for upfront investment in the integration of metering and data processing systems.

It consists of an in house integration of Edmi’s globally deployed Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Solution and the New Zealand local market leading MDMS iBO. Together they provide a fully accredited and simple to use service platform without the metering, IT or integration hassles of building this solution from different individual vendors.

Key Benefits

  • Truly end to end service offering. No integration required, no IT deployment needed. Install the meter by defined process and the system shall provide validated market data.
  • Value added offerings above and beyond simple market billing data delivery included as standard such as AMI fleet management, non-revenue data retrieval and real time meter access.
  • Same integration capability as Edmi AMI Solution for future proofing and expansion of service offering.

Key Functions

  • Delivermarket compliant data (including Validation, Estimation, Editing) in different file formats to multiple market participants.
  • Fast and easy to use meter installation (commissioning) system. Reduces installation time and guarantees quality data delivery over the life of the meter installation.
  • Meter configuration management functionality including tariff changes process that automatically reconfigures the entire platform end to end (MDMS – Head End – Meter).
  • Robust end to end communications ensuring reliable and fast data retrieval from meters.